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APOTHEKE VITAE - Neroli Blossom

BYREDO - Bodleian

CREED - Scion

DIPTIYQUE - Wedding Day


KILIAN - Sugared Cognac


MONCERA - Rose Vanilla

PARFUMS DE MARLY - Cherub Whisper

and more

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PLAYLISTS - Today's Music to shop by

Playlist for Cotton Scent

Our COTTON scent is analogous to the way a beautiful pair of perfectly cut white linen slacks paired with a white one shoulder halter top looks.  Clean, simple, sexy without trying, and elegant. There is one city. Just one where this scent and this look perfectly match. It's not Malibu, not Monaco, not Dubai or any city that people typically picture when they think of wealth, luxury, style, and living your best life. That city would be Cape Town, South Africa. It's a bucket list all by itself! Enjoy this delicious playlist of South African Amapiano vibes!  What's Amapiano? Well if you love Tyla, her song Water, and her whole album you will love this playlist.  This is pure Amapiano straight no chaser, and the music that inspired her.  Featuring Tyla, Wizkid, MFR Souls, and many more...

listen now

Playlist for pear Scent

Pears are usually associated with the dessert menu of many fancy smacy restaurants.  Especially coastal fancy smacy restaurants in California. If you are a MADMEN fan the first track of this playlist will be familiar to you. It was that delicious music when Don Draper took his ultra cool top down drive up the coast. It's one of 8 songs that definitely put you in the mood for a top down drive on some coast somewhere on the planet.

listen now

playlist for ipanema scent

This playlist will take you on a nonstop flight to Brazil. Fair warning if you don't like Brazilian jazz you won't like this. If you do this will definitely put a smile on your face when you .......

listen now

playlist for rose scent

Roses are beautiful flowers that usually are associated with love, relationships, and weddings. Welllllll roses have thorns too. Those thorns however make the most beautiful music. These ladies will evelope your ears with sultry jazzy tunes of love, loss, and starting all over again. Featuring Diana KrallGabriela AndersLizz Wright and more.

listen now