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RSVP~ Rewards for Skin Like Butter's Valued Pearls


My mother loved pearls. Well she's still living thank goodness so let's say she loves pearls.  I used the past tense because as a little girl I always remembered my mom wearing pearls, and I would love rummaging through the pearls in her jewelry box. They really made an impression on me. Then and now I thought they were so beautiful and something to treasure. RSVP from us to you is our gratitude for you being a loyal fan of Skin Like Butter, and sharing the love with your friends and family. You are absolutely a valued and treasured pearl in our jewelry box. RSVP from you to us are the perks of being part of the family.  The currency of RSVP are pearls of course.  Below you will see how to earn them, and how to spend them.

First things first see that little blue oval in the lower lower left hand corner.  Click on that and you will see this pop-up.  This is your Jewelry Box.  This is where it all starts.

This is how it looks once you have set up your rewards.  However, before you set up your rewards it will say sign up instead of sign in.  You will earn 300 Pearls when you create your RSVP account!  Just an FYI you will earn your Pearls even if you don't  join, you just need to be a member to redeem your Pearls.  Now that you are an RSVP member then you can open your Jewelry Box before you shop to see how many pearls you have. Instead of saying welcome it will say "your pearls" and let you know how many you have.  It will look like this

Now before we go any further let's see all of the many ways you can earn more Pearls. Pearls are the currency in the Skin Like Butter world.  So let's get a conversion rate 100 Pearls = $1 in Rewards.  

Here are all of the ways to earn Pearls

  • PLACE AN ORDER - 3 Pearls for every $1 you spend
  • SIGN UP FOR RSVP - 300 Pearls
  • SHARE ON FACEBOOK - 100 Pearls
  • TELL A FRIEND - 1000 - Pearls

Now for the fun part.  Let's see how you can redeem your Pearls.  Remember you have a whole jewelry box full of pearls.  So you can let them accumulate. They are pearls so they last quite a long time.  You can spend them right away, or save them up. Once you have at least 500 Pearls in your jewelry box you can start spending them.

  • ORDER DISCOUNT: here is where your slider bar comes in.  You can spend as little as $1 off of your order, or spend all of your Pearls.  It's up to you as long as they are in increments of 100 Pearls. So if you have 200 points you get $2 off, 800 points you get $8 dollars, 2700 points $27, or if you let it accumulate all the way to 5000 points you get $50 off your order. 
  • $5 OFF COUPON 500 Pearls: This is pretty self explanatory.  This you can use at your discretion when it best benefits you. Again you can use this to get a free product like samples for example, or as a discount toward another product. Minimum order requirement $5
  • $10 OFF COUPON 1000 Pearls: This is the same as above You can use this to get free products like a body butter for example, or toward a discount toward other products. Minimum order requirement $10

There are so many great products on the planet, and so many great brands we really appreciate you selecting Skin Like Butter.  Our RSVP rewards system is another way of saying thank you :-)


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