SKIN LIKE BUTTER ~ Non-greasy, Silicone Free, Water Free Body Cream in 150 scents

Non-greasy, water and silicone free body cream in 150 delicious scents.

We've been making our vegan water free body butters since 2007! 

Back then no one knew why body butters were much better than just plain off the shelf lotion. We still have our same customers from way back then who now ONLY USE BODY BUTTER.  They only use OUR body butter even now that everyone and their uncle's nephew's aunts best friend is making body butter lol.  Give ours a try to see why it still has stood the test of time. And why we live up to the name SKIN LIKE BUTTER!


First things first- SAMPLE SAMPLE SAMPLE! If this is your first time (Welcome by the way) and you are unfamiliar with our products please order a sample first.   That way you know for sure how fabulous our body butter feels and how wonderful it smells.  You can order a set of product samples here, or just fragrance samples here. In fact you get a 3 free samples just for visiting our store you can order that here.

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