Shelley Kyle

Before there was Jo Malone there was Shelley Kyle.  Although, everything inside the decadent and luxurious packaging is the definition of luxury Shelley Kyle is actually a fancy brand. There is a very popular trend on social media that whispers a clue to what fancy is. They call it Quiet Luxury.  It's close, but it's still Luxury, just quiet. Just like lions and tigers are both big cats, there is a distinct difference between the two.  Here is a bit of an example. The Beverly Wilshire is Luxury, Hotel Bel Air is fancy. If you'd like to know more about that difference you can click the photo below for our blog post to find out.
I discovered Shelley Kyle over 20 years ago in Belmont Shore California in beautiful two story boutique that sadly is no longer there.  Thank goodness this beautiful brand has proved timeless and is still as stunning as the first time it stopped me in my tracks.