There are things that smell good that don't don't grow on trees, aren't baked in an oven, or a delicious drink.  Some things are experiences like Christmas, or a feeling of being transported through time, and the sweet smell of a new born (um freshly changed lol) baby.  We have captured those things in a bottle as well, with surprisingly accurate results.

CHAMPAGNE AND PEONY - a fruity floral blend inspired by the best selling BBW scent A Thousand wishes

EGYPTIAN COTTON  If you could put Dubai in a bottle it would be Egyptian Cotton. This is a very rich, lush scent that is full of depth and texture. It does have a touch of sweetness but not sugary sweet, but more like dates sweet. There are hints of spice, woods, and resins as well.  It's hard not to like this, but just in case this is one I would definitely recommend to sample first.

EXOTIC COCONUT - This is Coconut in stiletto's.  Definitely a date night scent.  There is coconut, but it's blended with light florals, vanilla, amber and musk. Why Bath and Body Works discontinued this gem of a fragrance I will never know.  But if you loved it this is the exact dupe. The best thing is that it's stronger and much longer lasting than the Bath and Body works version

GINGER ALE This is surprisingly elegant and crisp with a pinch of fun. This smells exactly like REAL Ginger Ale Soda.  Not Canada Dry, but the real Ginger infused soft drink that's hard to find but delicious.

HAVANA - Sensual suede, pink pepper and tobacco blend with playful notes of pineapple and melon.

IPANEMA -  a blend of açai, coconut, Tonka bean, sandalwood and exotic musk. This is an exact dupe of the wildly popular Bum Bum cream that is always sold out in Sephora.

NAG CHAMPA - an aromatic blend of florals, spices, and woods.

NOEL - Christmas in a bottle. Cranberry, orange, a pinch of Pine, spices of clove, and nutmeg, and even a pinch of cedar and amber to give it depth.  A must have Room Spray for home, and body spray for the Christmas Party

PEPPERCORN AND PORT - Spices and peppercorns soaking in a vat of port wine makes a unique and intriguing scent. This one is not for everyone. You'll either love it or hate it so it would be best to sample this one first.

PINK AMBER - the beauty of this scent is truly hard to put into words and this description will be like trying to hear sheet music.  Reading sheet music and hearing the symphony are vastly two different experiences.  So with that imagine finding an ancient jeweled goblet in a castle ruin. Once you open it you smell berries, amber, a pinch of sandalwood, and a smaller pinch of vanilla. There other notes are of times gone by that only centuries of fermentation can create. Not in a bad way of age, but in a way of very expensive vintage wine that only time can create.

ROSE VANILLA - This is a sundress in a bottle.  You know the ones that are cut on a bias, made of light flowy fabric and hug your curves in all of the right places.  Basically girly, elegant, and understated sex appeal. The rose and vanilla prove to be a sweet dynamic duo.

SWEET BABY - If you love powdery baby scents you will love this! This is powdery, but in an very clean (just after diaper change lol) refreshing way.

VOLCANO- The name is a bit misleading. There are no volcanic ash notes in the scent at all.  What this is is an exact dupe of the iconic volcano candle that would fill every Anthropologie store for over 20 years now.  It is an intoxicating delicious blend of berries, citrus notes, white floral, and a tiny bit of amber to anchor it.  An absolute must for Room and Body Spray.


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