DARK CHOCOLATE - Skin Like Butter - Shea Butter Soap

DARK CHOCOLATE - Skin Like Butter - Shea Butter Soap

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DARK CHOCOLATE SCENT DESCRIPTION: First things first...of course this is one of our best sellers. So make sure you check the best sellers section before you purchase so you can get this for 20% off.  Okay now that that's out of the way.  This is sweet Dark Chocolate.  The thing about Milk Chocolate is that it's really not chocolatey enough.  The thing about Dark Chocolate is that it's not sweet enough. This is SWEET DARK CHOCOLATE which is that perfect combo of yum.  Here at Skin Like Butter we take fragrance very seriously.  So we search the world (literally) for the perfect scents.  When we can't find it we have it specially made just to our spec. That is how we got THIS Dark Chocolate.  Hope you enjoy!


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