COCONUT - Skin Like Butter - Shea Butter Soap

COCONUT - Skin Like Butter - Shea Butter Soap

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COCONUT SCENT DESCRIPTION: Well let's see if you haven't read our about section, and/or you're a NEWBIE you may not know how seriously we take our scents.  We pride ourselves on accuracy. Now here is where we vere off a bit. We always want to keep the yummy factor. So with fruits if you're too accurate there is no yummy. That's the case with COCONUT. So we went with the yummy sweet COCONUT shavings. As in what you put on cake. It's still Coconut, but it's sweet yummy coconut that we're sure you'll love.  It's one of our best sellers so make sure you check that section for a 20% off discount!

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