AMBER PATCHOULI - Skin Like Butter - Shea Butter Soap

AMBER PATCHOULI - Skin Like Butter - Shea Butter Soap

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SCENT DESCRIPTION: AMBER PATCHOULI is very similar to Amber Lavender just deeper.  Amber Lavender is like a Viola and Cello.  Amber Patchouli is like a Cello and a Bass.  It's deep is so deep you can almost barely smell it.  What it has in subtley it also has in beauty. This can be worn by men but oddly enough it's actually better for women.  This is in our deep and sultry scent groupings which means it might be a little risky for gift giving, but if you know someone who loves Amber or deep subtle scents they will love this!
Our skin loving Shea Butter Soap delivers on moisture as it gently cleans without stripping your skin of much needed oils.  The suds are rich and creamy. 

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