The post was posted without our consent.

Hello and welcome to Skin Like Butter.  Looks like you found us as a happy accident. First things first, we want to apologize for the big annoying 404 page not found when you clicked.  The reason for that is someone at snatched our photo and listing without our knowledge and offered our free samples it seemed to the entire free world.  Um no. We can't do that. We have amazing scents, and we realize that you can't smell through the phone or computer. So since we normally only have a very small amount of traffic we could offer 4 or 5 people a day free samples.  Not 1,000's of people a day.  We can't, and never intended on doing that.  There was no way to tell the owners that we don't want to be on their site Therefore, we have no control over how long they will be telling the free world we are giving away Free Samples.  So we had to delete the listing.

If you are actually reading this and didn't click away first Thank You, and second we would like to show our appreciation by actually giving you a free sample.  As we said in the previous paragraph we are a very, very, small company and we can't give out 1,000's a day, but we can give out 5 a day.  We would like people to discover our amazing products and fragrances and you can't smell or feel them through the computer.  So we do actually appreciate you being here and would appreciate you trying our scents.  Hopefully, you will love it and discover a new company you love.  To help make that happen we need to send you three scents YOU DO ACTUALLY LOVE.  So please if you can visit our SCENT LIBRARY and pick out 3 scents you'd like to try, and send us a CHAT- NOT AN EMAIL here on our website, and we will be happy to send you 3 free samples.  

We will send out our 5 a day on a first come first serve basis.  However, there is another way you can get free samples.  You can order our very reasonable 10 sample pack for $8 and you will get the $5 set for free when you use coupon code GOT404ed at check out.

I will also just leave the links here for our samples if you'd like to order them.  It's nice to meet you, and sorry for the 404 page not found, and I look forward to making yummy samples for you to enjoy

Thanks so much,


Founder of Skin Like Butter

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and you can't smell a picture

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