Shopping Tips and Tricks

If you read our story you will see that we are not new, but this website is brand new. You will also see that we were one of Etsy's top sellers up until June 3rd 2020 when well you can read the story here. We had over 23,000 sales and 5,000 glowing reviews. What was so heartbreaking was that all of that love was for the Skin Like Butter Etsy Shop, not Skin Like Butter. We unknowingly for 7 year gave our entire brand to Etsy, and in 2022 it's like we are starting completely fresh. The good news is that we are the same exact brand that thousands of people fell in love with on Etsy, and hopefully you will too.

Your First Visit

Oddly enough we don't recommend that you make a purchase on your first visit. Many of our customers have been with us for years, and we hope we have a long relationship with you too. We have 150 scents that smell amazing! BUT every scent may not smell amazing to you. That's why we don't want you to make a purchase on your first visit because YOU CAN'T SMELL THROUGH THE COMPUTER. We don't want to take a chance on you hating your first purchase and never coming back.  We are not in the business of selling things.  We are in the business of making people happy.  We want you to discover something you love and be with us for years, and years, and tell your friends!
Since this is not going to be a one night stand, slam bam thank you ma'am never get a call back type of situation (because those hurt, right?!) we consider your first visit like a first date.  We are going to get to know each other. Just like a first date it's not going to be quick. We know your time is valuable so we want to tell you this date will be about um 15 to 20 minutes. And the first date is on us. Meaning this is when you get all kinds of free stuff. So grab a cup of tea (what you don't drink tea? what are you doing with your life lol), nestle in a comfy chair and let's pick some music for you to shop by.
Okay so you've got your tea, headphones on, and comfy right?  Great now let's head over to the first floor lobby to the Scent Library.  As you can see our scent library is organized by scent type. Every scent is available in all 9 products. You can see the complete product line here.  To see the scent descriptions type the scent you're interested in in the search bar and the 4 most popular products (body butter, shea oil, roll on perfume, and soap) will come up and you can click on any of the four and read the scent description. Like Cotton for example.
We sugggest that you pick out 8 scents you'd like to try.  If it's not 8 no worries we will add similar scents to what you picked to complete your gift.  You can head over to Guest Services and when you send us your address (we won't share it) we will send you a sample of our body butter, shea oil, argan oil, and exfoliating body wash, plus 3 additional perfume samples. Once you receive your samples then you will see how delicious our scents are, and how lush our products are. Since you can't walk into our store and try our products before buy, we want to give you the same experience here on the web so that there is no risk involved.  You will know exactly what you are getting.  Now you will be ready for your first purchase.

Your First Purchase

As a first time customer you will have two things.  Your Gift Card thank you gift for visiting, and your 25% off NEWBIE coupon code.  You are welcomed to use both on your first visit, but just remember the Gift Card never expires so there is no rush to use it.  If your first purchase is under $50 you will recieve 3 free samples with your order.  If your purchase is over $50 you will recieve 5 free samples.  You can choose your scents, or we can surprise you. You will always be able to use SAVEONREORDER on all of your repeat purchases and save 10% on every order.  We appreciate you coming back.


Savvy Shopping Tips

  1. RSVP. Membership has it's privileges.  One of which you can shop with coupon codes AND your PEARL rewards!
  2. Always check the 2nd Floor for the  Best Sellers before making your purchase.  These items are always 20% . You might see your fav on the list, or discover a new fav.  Also, it's a good place to check and then make one or two a choice for your free perfume samples
  3. TELL A FRIEND. After the Etsy experience we will not do a lot of advertising with mass public. We never want what happen on Etsy to ever happen again.  Instead, we will just rely on Instagram, and word of mouth. You will recieve 1000 Pearls ($10 value) for every referral to Skin Like Butter.
  4. If you are buying more than 1 item check the 8th Floor DEALS AND STEALS.  This is where you save on volume shopping when you buy 2 or more of any item.
  5. 75 for the win!  If your shopping cart total is at least $65. Make another purchase to get your cart total to $75 and you will get 15% off AND free shipping. No coupon code needed.

You might discover even more, but those are the top 5.  You can use these tips alone, or combine them, use them along with your rewards and come up with your own secret savvy shopping style.  



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