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Shop as Sonia's guest at Skin Like Butter and save 50% off a 4 oz jar of Body Butter!. Her favorite scent is Grapefruit & Thyme. You can visit our fragrance find YOUR favorite scent. If you click on the CITRUS collection you will find scents like Grapefruit and Thyme
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Once you find your favorite scent or scents you can click on the pretty blue photo above to Shop with Sonia and automatically save  50% on any 4 oz Body Butter, or use coupon code SHOPWITHSONIA at checkout.
Even though you are Sonia's guest, we welcome you to the Skin Like Butter family. So that means you get family perks too!!  You automatically get 3 free samples no matter how large you order is.  You are welcomed to order as many 4 oz body butters as you'd like with Sonia's guest pass discount. So if your order is $50 or larger you get 5 free perfume samples and a surprise thank you gift.
Since this is your first order we suggest that you start with the 4 oz body butter as your first purchase. However, as you may notice below we have a lot more than body butter. In fact we have 8 products in 150 delicious scents. If you would rather purchase other items instead of the 4 oz body butter we will of course be happy to make it for you, and we would love it if you put referred by Sonia in the notes so we can thank her. You can get to know us by visiting our home page  There you can find all of the deals, visit our blog, and even listen to amazing playlists if you are a music lover. We look forward to making your first order and welcome to Skin Like Butter :-)


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Thank you so much for visiting our home on the net. There is a lot you can do with that little device in your hand. YOU CAN EVEN SMELL. Well sort of. Just click the blue button to order your $1 samples and then you can smell our beautiful scents. Yup for just $1 with FREE SHIPPING you can find a new favorite scent or two.

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