This is one of the strongest cornerstones of our brand. This section puts us to the ultimate test of making sure you smell good, and not making you smell like good perfume.  Florals have to be authentic. Rose has to smell like Rose, Lilac has to smell like Lilac. Is that easy? Absolutely not! Speaking of absolutes that would make it easy, well easier (oddly enough some absolutes don't really smell great), and quite a bit more expensive. Our Rose for example took five 5 years to source.  It's beautiful and well worth the exhaustive search.  If you are looking for floral, and not floral perfume I think you're home.

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APPLE BLOSSOM A whisper.  What it lacks in volume it delivers in mystery. Slighly floral with a dusting of musk, but with a slightly sweet finish.


BABY'S BREATH A whisper.  What it lacks in volume it delivers in mystery. Slighly floral with a dusting of musk, but with a slightly sweet finish.


CACTUS FLOWER - this is a very clean green floral. Very herbaceous and upscale.  Doesn't smell like the BBW version.  This is not a dupe, but a Skin Like Butter interpretation of clean and beautiful cactus bloom here in the southwest instead.


DUSTED PEONY -  This scent is the combustible energy combo of sweet, feminine, and sultry.  It starts with tempting sweet Apple, next comes the beauty and femininity of a floral bouquet of peony, roses, and carnation.  It finishes with a dusting of sultry suede. 


ELDER BLOSSOM AND QUINCE Oh my goodness this smells so good. There is something about the blend of fruits and florals that is just olfactory heaven.  This is no exception.  Okay we can't really ignore the world elder in there because this does smell old. But not old lady old. It smells like refinement from a time past. If you are invited to a real High Tea wear this. It will fit.


GARDENIA This smells exactly like beautiful flower. We searched the world for a real authentic Gardenia scent and couldn't find it.  So we had it custom made to smell exactly like Gardenia perfection. If you love Gardenia you have found YOUR Gardenia!


HONEYSUCKLE - smells exactly like a honeysuckle bush in spring


HONEYSUCKLE TUBEROSE a beautiful blend of sweet honeysuckle and tropical tuberose. This packs a punch and a little goes a long way. Super romantic and girly. Think sundress.


JASMINEhas the aroma of jasmine blooming in the evening


LILAC smells exactly like lilac bush.


LITTLE BLACK DRESS - This scent is timeless and elegant just like it's wardrobe essential namesake. It leads with Tuberose, and addition of Peony. It finishes with spices, warm woods, and vetiver to give it that subtle sexy punch. Definitely not an everyday scent, but absolutely the one you'd reach for when you want to make a statement.


NECTARINE BLOSSOM - A dead on Jo Malone dupe of this beautiful scent. We don't do dupe's unless it's absolutely necessary. She nailed it. Why alter perfection. So yes it was necessary. Clean, subtle fruit notes of nectarine, mixed with white delicate flowers. Versatile scent for any occasion day or night.


OSMANTHUS -  A heady rich buttery exotic sweet, but not too sweet floral with a slight green top note.


NEROLI BLOSSOM - This is not a fragrance that you spray on, or roll on right before you leave the house. Give it a minute to bloom.  At first it's really green and a bit off putting. Then the orange zest from the peel comes through. Finally at the end the Blossom crescendos' and it smells like absolute Neroli Blossom heaven.   This is definitely a sample first.  That way you will know for sure. There is a very small minute possibility you won't like it, but chances are if you are looking for Neroli this is IT and then some.  


PIKAKE  if you've been to Hawaii you know exactly how this smells. This is Hawaii in a bottle. Smells exactly like the beautiful tropical flower that are used in leis during weddings.  If you love rich, exotic tropical florals you will love this.


PLUM BLOSSOM - Juicy sweet notes of plum with sprinkles of sugar and spices, enveloped with delicate white florals


PLUMERIA - smells exactly like the beautiful Hawaiian flower. Works well in all products of Skin Like Butter.


ROSE - The sublime Rose Garden of the Huntington Library in Pasadena California was the inspiration of our Rose. I mean it's the home of the Rose Bowl, and Rose Parade. So yeah they know a little something about Rose. Our Rose is the truest of True Rose. It's clear bright red. It's not muddled and sweet like some Rose scents are.  If you're looking for an antique rose, rose water, this isn't it. It's Rose and nothing else, and believe me that quite enough. 


SWEET PEA- This smells like a traditional Sweet Pea.  If you love Sweet Pea this is what you are looking for.  If you are new to Sweet Pea it's a very slightly sweet delicate floral.  Very girly, and perfect for an Ingenue.


TUBEROSE - Now this is a head turner.  If you don't want attention, don't wear this. If you do wear this you just need a little bit. This is lush, dramatic, and delicious.  It's a rich tropical perfumy (but in a good way) scent. It's sweet, velvety and rather rich in texture.  It's a scent, but oddly is has a texture. Very bridal. 


VIOLET - If purple had a scent it would be not grape but violet. This is a stunning clear crystal clear floral that actually has a sparkle quality to it.  You really must sample this to see for yourself.

WEDDING DAY This unique scent smells like a no expense spared, and worth every maxed out credit card, drop dead gorgeous wedding day.  This heady head turner starts with Tuberose, along with orange blossom, jasmine, and orris. It finishes with a clean sea air note. However, if you haven't found Mr. Right, Mr. Right Now, Mr. Alright, or Okay Fine, and those credit cards have seen better days no worries. We've got you covered. We can put it in a bottle and ship it to you in 3-5 working days. 

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