These beautiful scents take you to another time and place.  It could be the meandering in the pyramids, or trespassing beyond the velvet ropes in Versailles eventually you will get a whiff of an intriguing scent.  It will give you a sense of deja vu, and pull on corners of your soul you didn't even know existed. The scents are extremely hard to create, but we searched until we found these fragrance geniuses who will be your olfactory tour guides to someplace in time.


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ARMOIRE - this is a very beautiful deep and complex unisex scent. It's similar to our scent Bodleian in how it is from another time. It has that old world, old money stately vibe. Older than America, but just slightly younger than Rome. Notes of preserved woods, aged rum, orange peel, mahogany, paprika, and oak moss.  This smells so good, and rare that it smells like you inherited it instead of bought it on the internet yesterday.


BODLEIAN - Don't buy this without testing it first.  Now having said this, wow this is a head turner and an experience. To sum it up and cut to the chase this smells like wisdom, wealth, and old, old, old, money.  Now let's dig into the deets of this intriguing scent. It's old. Not old lady old, or grandma old, but lineage old. Very much like Pink Amber which smells like it can be found in a medieval castle ruin, BODLEIAN smells like walking into the ancient library of said ruin.  Which is why it carries the name BODLEIAN the 600 year old library of Oxford University. Let's depart from the abstract and get into specifics of the scent. It's leather, ink, plum, berries, vanilla, paper that's as old as papyrus, a pinch of musk and spices. Now take that and put it in a hand blown Venetian vase and let it ferment for about 400 years. If a Stradivarius was a scent instead of a violin it would be BODLEIAN. This will probably not be a best seller, but a beautiful rare treasure that will be a treasure to find.


LUNCH AT THE LOUVRE - LUNCH AT THE LOUVRE SCENT DESCRIPTION: This scent smells exactly like the experience of having lunch at Cafe Richelieu-Angelica feels. Well actually not present day since that restaurant has only 3.5 stars (yikes!).  This scent is of lunch at the louvre on that same exact balcony when the louvre was an actual palace many centuries ago.  Instead of a restaurant it was a simple lunch on the balcony with the smell of the garden of florals, citrus, and leaves blended with the deep aroma of the wood on the floors. Remember fragrances are not just of fruits, pastries, and designer stamps, they are of places in time as well.  If you are a fan of scents that will transport you you will love Armoire, Bodleian, and Pink Amber as well. 


PAPYRUS - this scent takes the popular scent Egyptian Musk to another entire level.  It takes it to a much older level. How they captured antiquity in a bottle complete with the feel of royalty I will never know.  Three simple notes create this beautiful complex scent- pepper, benzoin, and vanilla. The fact that there really was perfume in ancient Egypt gives this scent another layer of mystery and intrigue.


PINK AMBER - scent description: the beauty of this scent is truly hard to put into words and this description will be like trying to hear sheet music.  Reading sheet music and hearing the symphony are vastly two different experiences.  So with that imagine finding an ancient jeweled goblet in a castle ruin. Once you open it you smell berries, amber, a pinch of sandalwood, and a smaller pinch of vanilla. There other notes are of times gone by that only centuries of fermentation can create. Not in a bad way of age, but in a way of very expensive vintage wine that only time can create.


ROYAL ORCHID - The smells like something that could have created during the the Renaissance. It's rich, textured, and layered with heady exotic florals of  just orchid, and jasmine.  Then woven into this tapestry is citrus, herbs, and deep woods. 


TEMPLE OUD Ooooooooooood is really the correct spelling for how intoxicatingly good this smells. You will find this in our Castles and Ruins section. However, this could easily be in our Deep and Sultry, and Unique section as well.  This is powerful. This is kind of like Rose Noir. It's definitely for date night. Again not first date (not my business, but don't say I didn't worn you). This scent is smoldering with mystery and seductions. It starts with clove and black oud wood, then more warm spices, woods, amber and birch, then it finishes with cedar and sweet Tonka bean to smooth things out.  It does best fit in our Castles and Ruins section because it could have easily been the scent of the incense burning at the first writing of the Karma Sutra.

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