When you think Green and Clean your car air freshener may come to mind. Well sure that might be your desired scent for your freshly scrubbed whip, but that pine scent doesn't necessarily scream elegance and sophistication. Although that search is still on for the ever elusive elegant evergreen, we have however amassed a coterie of scents that are lush, refreshing, clean and well green.

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ALOE VERA - is a very subtle green scent.  This can be a great for someone looking for something clean and refreshing.  This is in our neutral scents which means it's great for gifting and unisex.

ARUGULA - is a very crisp and green scent.  You won't smell like a salad we promise.  You will however enjoy this best in the soap. Talk about refreshing.  It will make your bathroom smell so good all day.  Speaking of that it's also great as a Room spray.  If you love green scents like Arugula, Basil, Cucumber etc you will love wearing this.  I would sample this one first just to be safe.  As for gift giving this would make a great house warming gift of the soap, body butter lotion in a bottle, and the spray.

AVOCADO LEMONGRASS Many think that Avocado doesn't have a smell. It does.  It's fragrance is as subtle as it's flavor. Barely there buttery green scent with just a pinch of kosher salt blended with refreshing tart of Lemongrass. This makes for a very subtle, but unforgettable refreshing scent.  

BAMBOO - A green fresh scent with a pinch of floral 

BASIL BLISS Actually more bliss than Basil.  The basil is there, but in the back of a symphony of green, citrus, and white floral notes that make for an elegant spa blend. If you are looking for a straight basil scent you won't like this, but if you are looking for a clean elegant head turner this is spot on

CUCUMBER MINT - Cucumber Mint as a drink is absolutely delicious. This scent is a dead on olfactory interpretation of that drink. The Cucumber is the predominant note, followed of course with peppermint. There is a sprig of basil, a tiny squeeze of lime, and a pinch of sweetness to bring it all together.  Now don't wear this on a date. No this is at home at a spa day with girls, brunch, tea, or sorority meeting. It's a gift to who ever is near you.

CUCUMBER WASABI Well this is definitely different. The Wasabi notes are definitely prominent. However, the Cucumber notes will make sure you don't smell like food. You will smell very fresh and unique. Oddly enough this smells really good.  It has a casual elegance to it that it truly unexpected.

FRESH CUT GRASS This smells exactly like fresh cut grass in the spring. No floral notes, no anything but real authentic grass. This is a true unisex scent that works well across our entire product line.

GREEN TEA - Green Tea fragrance description: a beautiful neutral fragrance that while elegant, also has the relaxing feeling of the spa

OLIVE  - This smells like a delicious high quality olive oil you'd find in an olive bar. It's nice and buttery, but with a squeeze of lemon. 

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From FRESH to FLORAL and everything in between, we are sure you will FALL IN LOVE with our new scent collection

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