Well life has gotten a bit more stressful here lately wouldn't you say. Most people know about aromatherapy, but really are not familiar with aromachology. Yes scents, just like music (which is why we have playlists for each scent - current work in progress- but here is an example of Milk) have an affect on your emotions.  So try it. Spray one of our comfort scents and listen to one of our comfort playlist and relax on your comfy sofa.

ALMOND - smells exactly like Almond Extract.  It's sweet without being too sweet and the nutty notes come in very smoothly.  This is in our comfort scents group.  This is also great for gifting for men and women who are foodies.

BANANA BREAD - bread is already comforting. It doesn't matter what kind just that smell of it baking ummmm. Then you add cinnamon, sugar, banana, and love ugh this is just a warm throw on a RH cloud sofa.  Sweet comfort indeed.

CHERRY ALMOND A blend of tart Cherry with smooth sweet Almond

GINGER - The comforting scent of ginger with a bit of milk, cardamom, nutmeg, and a little sugar.

HONEYWOOD fragrance description: a delicious comforting blend of mahogany dipped in sweet honey

LAVENDER VANILLA the perfect blend of equal parts lavender and vanilla to create comfort and relaxation

MILK - slightly sweet, and very comforting. Think sweetened warm cup

OATMEAL the comforting smell of a bowl of oatmeal with all of the fixings of milk, honey, sugar, and a touch of almond extract.

PUMPKIN very wearable Pumpkin. Smells like pumpkin pie before it's baked. It's packed with the cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar.  It's popular all year round

VANILLA - A beautiful pure Vanilla scent that smells exactly like actual fine gourmet Vanilla Extract. 

VANILLA NOIR - A beautiful pure Vanilla scent that smells exactly like actual fine gourmet Vanilla Extract with a pinch of Amber which takes it to a mysterious note.

VANILLA SUGAR - scent description: A rich buttery exotic sweet, but not too sweet floral with a slight green top note.

ZUCCHINI BREAD - I cook these little Zucchini muffins for church every Sunday. At first no one hardly picked them up because they didn't know what they were.  Now they love them.  This smells just like those little cakes.  The brown sugar, cinnamon baked dough, even down to the cream cheese icing.  Yup just like my home smells right after they are finished. Yummy.

Celebrate Fall!!!


From FRESH to FLORAL and everything in between, we are sure you will FALL IN LOVE with our new scent collection

Here are just a few of the fab 15

  • Almond Milk
  • Bignet
  • Coffee Ice Cream
  • Lavender Patchouli
  • Little Black Dress
  • Montauk
  • Petit Fours
  • Poached Pumpkin
  • Royal Orchid
  • Spa Day
  • Throw Blanket

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