Some might think Fresh and Clean as neutral, or gasp boring.  Oh my nothing could be farther from the truth.  Well to be fair there are some who really don't get how fresh and clean should be expressed, and even our take on it may not be for everyone.  Speaking of our take on it our fresh and clean is analogous to clean crisp lines in design. Visually akin to japandi in interior design.  Also, clean lines in couture, architecture, etc. Elegant, striking, and unforgettable.

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BEACH GLASS - this is the Hamptons in a bottle.  Clean, fresh, and elegant with a whisper of floral to soften it. Smooth and beautiful just like real beach glass.

CORIANDER A slightly floral, green, scent with a hint of pepper. A unisex scent that leans towards masculine

COTTON You know what is hard to find? A real true clean scent that isn't floral.  This is it. Cotton is a fresh pure clean scent with notes that are neither floral or citrus. This is a very upscale unique airy ozone scent. I do have to admit it's not for everyone. This one is a must sample first.  However, if you are looking for a truly clean unique fragrance you have found your nirvana.

FIGUE This is fig if it were served at the French Laundry. Honestly words really can't explain the beauty, simplicity, and clarity of this scent.  This is something you really must experience. If there is one word it would be sublime. 

LEMONGRASS SAGE - Lemongrass Essential Oil, muted with a dusting of Sage. This is a beautiful clean upscale scent that is great all year round, but is perfect for those summer day parties!

RAIN - the smell of rain water in spring as it drizzles over fresh new spring flowers.  The floral notes are very subtle and clean.  This is a great everyday scent that falls midway between a floral and a neutral.

SEA SALT - if you've had the pleasure of living near or on the beach you know that smell. You'll catch a whif this as you walk along the shoreline early in the morning. The predominance is the ozone notes of the ocean air mingled with a blend of slightly sweet, salty, notes with a pinch of marine iron from the kelp. Honestly really tough to describe but in a nutshell smells refreshing, elegant, clean, and unique.

WHITE TEA - crisp, clean and simple. That's really the true scent description.  Any extra word would be superfluous.




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