Nothing is more refreshing than a true citrus scent.  The challenge is finding a true single note citrus scent with or florals, or musks, or anything else to mute it.  If you want Grapefruit you want it to smell like actual sparkling Grapefruit.  It took a bit a gathering but these slices will make your mouth water.

CITRUS - Well we actually could have just named this Cuties because this smells exactly as delicious as those little cuties taste.  Aside from the very subtle grapefruit notes, it's pretty much as orange as it gets. We couldn't name it Orange because well that's just a little too pedestrian right? Plus it's a color too. So we still kept it simple and went with CITRUS.  It's best to try a sample then you know exactly how it tastes, I mean smells lol.

CITRUS CILANTRO - This is a must have in the kitchen.  It's a perfect blend of lime and hints of grapefruit with a spray of many bunches of herbaceous Cilantro. Perfect for getting rid of those onion and other smells from cooking.

GRAPEFRUIT the delicious mouth watering fragrance of pink grapefruit. Perfect for summer!

GRAPEFRUIT GINGER refreshing citrus notes of Grapefruit with the deeper notes of Ginger the create a very unique scent 

GRAPEFRUIT & THYME - the perfect spring scent of citrus, herbs, a pinch of peach, and a hint of floral notes

LAVENDER LEMON - a delicious blend of herb, tart, and sweet just like the refreshing drink 

LEMON VERBENA - A crisp lemon scent with a light herbal note. Smells just like the leaf of the leaf of the lemon verbena herb.

LIME COCONUT A fresh clean blend of lime juice and creamy coconut.

SANGRIA - this is a delicious blend of citrus and berries.  It will literally make your mouth water.


and you can't smell a picture

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