GARDENIA -Skin Like Butter Wild Crafted Scented Shea Oil, 4 oz

GARDENIA -Skin Like Butter Wild Crafted Scented Shea Oil, 4 oz

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GARDENIA: This smells exactly like beautiful flower. We searched the world for a real authentic Gardenia scent and couldn't find it.  So we had it custom made to smell exactly like Gardenia perfection. If you love Gardenia you have found YOUR Gardenia!



Shea Oil is derived from the production of Shea Butter.  It is more difficult to create Shea Oil and is therefore more rare.  Rarer still is hand deordorized Shea Oil that is completely unscented which provides a blank canvass for our beautiful scents.  This way we stay true to our brand promise of the best of both worlds.  Which is beautiful scents in highly effective body products that have an enriching effect on your skin.

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